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The Holy Cross Centre Trust is a small, secular, dynamic organisation based in King’s Cross, London. We work with
people who are socially excluded in a variety of ways in Camden and Islington. 

Our team of staff and volunteers has been thoughtfully brought together with a shared vision of creating a ‘can do’
environment where all individuals are given respect and the opportunity to contribute value and personality.

Our work enables people to create positive change in themselves and the community.

At HCCT we work with people who are socially excluded in a variety of ways both in Camden and Islington.

By developing and maintaining a strong network of partners we look for opportunities to help those who use
our services to integrate into the life of local communities, and have the chance to become more fulfilled.

All our services counteract the effects of stigma, isolation and poverty, offering people respect and the
opportunity to be treated as an individual.

Volunteering with
The Holy Cross Centre Trust

HCCT has a long tradition of welcoming offers of help from volunteers. Volunteers work as an integral part of
the team in an atmosphere of respect and equality, performing a range of duties across our organisation. Our
volunteer work force is diverse in age, ethnicity and nationality, reflecting our service user groups. Volunteers
take on roles of responsibility, using their own talents and abilities and developing new skills and competencies.

We welcome applications to volunteer from everyone and are especially committed to working with people
who have experienced mental ill health, substance misuse or homelessness themselves, or are ex-offenders.

If you’re interested to volunteer with us, please have a look at our current opportunities on Do-it.org and
follow the instructions to apply: https://do-it.org/organisations/hcct

Camden Hub

The Hub is run by HCCT. We are a small, dynamic and innovative organisation, doggedly determined to support socially
excluded members of society. Since 1988 we have been doing just that. Our work with those experiencing mental ill-heath, homelessness, asylum problems,
and drug and alcohol addiction, has helped them to live independent, meaningful and fulfilling lives as part of their local community.

We provide a safe and dynamic day centre – always a hub of activity – but more than that, we connect and bring
together creative and mindful recovery opportunities from across the borough (and beyond).

Visit our website at www.camdenhub.org.uk

The Camden Hub is launching the Healthy Minds Academy to help us build a network of volunteering opportunities aimed at increasing
wellbeing through creating events and activities accessible to the whole community. This is a unique learning opportunity in which you can be part of real
meaningful change for the community and health and social care sector more broadly.

We aim to redefine what we mean by “mainstream”, and move away from the separation of social activities for traditionally
marginalized and vulnerable people. Driven by our core values of Co-production, Mutual Learning, and
Empowerment, you will be an integral part of building this vision

Interested in getting involved? Visit our website at www.camdenhub.org.uk

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